Troop 186
Active Scout Requirements

        Each Scout is expected to show Scout spirit, during troop activities and in his everyday life.  An important part of Scout spirit is activity.  Please note that the troop expects all Scouts to be active in the troop and will not allow an inactive Scout to advance in rank or re-register at time of re-chartering (early January).
         Being active means a number of things.  The troop expects:

1. Attendance: Scouts should attend all meetings, in uniform on time.  If they have to miss a meeting, they should let their patrol leader know ahead of time, and check with this patrol leader afterwards to discover what they missed.

2. Dues: Scouts should pay their $0.50 weekly dues. Falling into arrears is unacceptable.  Scouts are responsible for paying dues even if they fail to attend a meeting.

3. Outings: Scouts should attend (and act like Scouts during) scheduled camping trips, service projects, hikes, and in short all troop activities. As with the meetings, they should notify their patrol leader if they cannot attend an outing, and check afterwards with their patrol leader to see what was missed.

4. Fundraisers: All Scouts (we need parents, too) are expected to take part in all troop fundraisers.
Failing to do so is failing to support the troop.

5. Leadership: Scouts are expected to fulfill the duties of any Scout leadership positions they hold—and follow the instructions of other Scout leaders when appropriate.

6. Rank: Scouts are expected to attain Second Class rank by the end of their first year in Scouting—and to continue to advance afterwards.

            The above will be taken into account by the Scoutmaster in determining whether Scouts qualify to be brought before a Board of Review for advancement.  The Scoutmaster will have the final say; but, the Board of Review will have the right to deny advancement if it feels the Scout is inactive.
            At time of re-chartering, the Troop Committee and the Scoutmaster will also us the above criteria to decide if a given Scout is inactive.  We will not re-register inactive Scouts, since this weakens the troop, hurts our eligibility for the Quality Unit Award, and wastes fees paid by the Scouts.
            Naturally, this process will be handled on a case by case basis.  We do intend that everyone consciously try to show Scout spirit, including being active in the troop.