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Adult Leaders' Meeting



Present: Brian Adams, Rick Bennett, Gerry Bloodsworth, Barry Maloney, Steve Masten,
   Karen McColley, John Yeager, Billy Haines, Diane Burk, Mike Love

1. Statement About Child Abuse.  Discussion on BSA policies, etc.  Mike will set up a date for all to view BSA training video.

2. Troop Roster Review.  Patrol Advisors will review leadership positions of all Scouts in assigned patrol, turn in to Rick B. for updated list to be compiled, printed, and distributed. Mike L. will be contacting Scouts that have been rumored to be quitting and those less active than what would be desired by Troop.  Re-charter fee ($25) is overdue if not yet  turned in.  Will also contact those that have expressed interest in Adult Leadership  positions, and those registered that have not been active.  May suggest to PLC that Eagle and Lightning patrols be combined through January possibly elect/appoint an interim  Patrol Leader.

3. Personal Health and Medical Record.  Each Patrol Advisor will contact Scouts' parents to review and update form and advise of when new physical is due.  The updated Class I forms need to be turned in to Rick B. by January 27, 1999.  Rick will compile master binder with all forms, and assemble two (2) binders with copies for use by Troop Leader on any outings.  Any physicals that are due to be updated this year should be completed and turned in to Rick by June 1, 1999.

4. Troop Resource Survey.  Each Patrol Advisor will contact Scouts' parents, Committee people, Adult leaders, or any other interested individuals that may be a resource for any Troop function or needs.  Old surveys were distributed to Advisors to update.  Once collected and reviewed by the Patrol Advisors, they should be turned collected and held by the Committee Secretary for use and referral when needed.  These should be completed by January 27, 1999.

5. Driver/Vehicle Information.  Local Tour Permit Applications were handed out.  The Patrol Advisors will contact the Scouts' parents to get information as required on the form for drivers and their vehicles.  Though some parents have not, or do not think they will drive on any Scout outings, it is requested that they be included on the list, for the chance that they may, in a pinch, be able to drive.  One thing that is also needed and not on the form, is the number of belted passengers the vehicle will carry, including the driver.  The Patrol advisors will turn the completed list in to Mike Love by January 27, 1999.

6. Outdoor Program Planning.  Three forms were handed out:" Activities Plan for the 98-99 Year" (as completed by the PLC, approved by the Troop Committee, and distributed to the Troop at the August, 1998 picnic at Killens Pond); "Outdoor Program Checklist" from Woods Wisdom; and "Activity Planning Outline" which outlines the 4-week plan which the Troop should use in planning any outing.  The Leaders volunteered to coordinate the Activities for 1999 as follows:
    February 19 - 21.  Klondike Derby at Henson Scout Reservation.  Brian, Mike
    March 19-21.  Catholic Retreat at Rodney Scout Camp.  John, Steve
    April 23-25.  Council Camporee at Dover AFB.  Karen, Mike
    May 7 - 9. Webelo Induction Ceremony at Abbotts Mill.  Barry
    June 24 - 27.  Fishing at Trap Pond State Park.  Gerry, Diane

7. Discipline Policy.  The latest policy was handed out for informational purposes.  Many parents and Scouts have expressed dissatisfaction with the current policy.

8. Active Scout Requirements.  The latest policy was handed out for informational purposes.  Billy advised us that there is an updated version which will be distributed at the next meeting.

9. Open discussion.  Throughout the meeting, many topics were brought up and discussed.  Some of the more prevalent ones are listed here....please be nice, I took the notes as best I could through the discussions.  If I left something out, or perhaps left questions, let me know.  Thanks.
A. Record keeping.  There is a need for accurate records for all aspects of Scout
  participation and attendance to include, meetings, fundraisers, training, and other
  Troop activities/camp out.  It was suggested that the PLC come up with the best
  solution and possibly offer incentives to the Patrols (flag ribbons, pizza parties...)

 B. Equipment.  Set a date to go through all Troop equipment with the end result
  being an accurate inventory, condition report, and storage arrangement for all
  Troop gear.  Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 1pm.  The task will start at the Church
  going through the closet, while simultaneously, some go through the trailer.  If the
  weather is poor, the trailer can be moved inside at the Fire house where the gear
  can be unloaded, checked, and stowed appropriately.  Once completed, those
  responsible will complete an inventory list (including condition and location) and
  compile a list of needs to be submitted to the Troop Committee for consideration
  at the Budget Meeting.  The Budget Meeting will be held on Thursday,
  February 4, 1999 at 6pm (Pending OK of Denise Morton, Treasurer).  The Troop
  will send a group to the Eureka! tent sale in New York on March 5, 6, 1999 to
  purchase needed outdoor gear, and perhaps another outlet for other necessary
  gear.  Quartermasters (Committee, Troop, Patrol) should be involved in the
  process.  There needs to be a consensus to determine who will go on the trip.
  Also, there was a suggestion to contact Peebles and explore the possibility of them
  stocking BSA gear in Milford.

 C. Adult Leaders.  Decided that the Leaders would meet as a Patrol during the Troop
  Meeting time designated for Patrol Meetings.  Additionally, the Patrol Advisors
  will meet after the Scout Meeting on the forth Wednesday of each month.  The
  Adult Leaders will alternate attendance at the Parents' meetings to insure that the
  Scout Master is able to attend, some leaders are able to attend, and the Scout
  meeting is still supervised.

 D. Some suggestions to the PLC:
  1. Summer Camp Meeting to discuss options and get wheels rolling.
  2. Possibility of Troop (at least trailer) leaving Milford early on Friday,
   January 29, since there is no school that day.
  3. Uniform Inspection planned for January 6, 1999, just after opening.
  4. Portable information board for postings, etc.
  5. Review disciplinary policy
  6. Meeting job duties/assignments for Patrols, post and distribute
  7. For skill instruction, encouraged to invite special guests/experts.
  8. Any interest in attending Navy Basketball games on January 17, 1999?
  9. How about the DAFB open house and air show on May 22 or 23, 1999?
  10. Participate in Hospital Fair on May 22?  Dunking Booth?
 E. Important Dates
  1. January 6, 1999.  Law Merit Badge, 6pm with Ron Prisco.
  2. January 6, 1999.  Uniform Inspection after Troop meeting opening.
  3. January 9, 1999.  Troop Charter turned in at Dover.
  4. January 12, 1999.  District Roundtable in Dover.
  5. January 13, 1999.  Troop Organizational Meeting during Scout Meeting.
  6. January 15-17, 1999.  "Jambo 99" at Navy Academy.
  7. January 17, 1999.  Navy Basketball game. Ladies/Men.  Wanna go??
  8. January 19, 1999.  Troop Organizational Meeting, 7pm.
  9. January 20, 1999.  Troop Parents' meeting during Scout Meeting.
  10. January 23, 1998.  Equipment Inventory/Check at church, 1pm
  11. January 29-31, 1998.  Troop Ski Trip to Camelback.
  12. February 4, 1999.  Troop Budget Meeting, 6pm at church.
  13. February 19-21, 1999.  Klondike Derby at Henson.
  14. February 27, 1999.  First Aid Merit Badge at firehouse.  See Mike Love
  15. March 5-6, 1999.  Trip to Eureka! tent sale.
  16. March 13, 1999.  First Aid Merit Badge at firehouse.  See Mike Love.
  17. March 19-21, 1999.  Catholic Retreat at Rodney.
  18. April 23-25, 1999.  Council Camporee at Dover AFB.
  19. May 7-9, 1999.  Webelo induction at Abbotts Mill
  20. June 24-27, 1999.  Fishing trip to Trap Pond State Park.

That's it for now.  Please call me if you have any questions or corrections at 422-8042. Very respectfully submitted due to the generous and worthwhile efforts you all make....

Michael J. Love, Troop Committee Chairman.  12/31/98